Monday, February 8, 2010

aka Cheryl E. O'Pry

This past week I attended a Bob Burridge Workshop at Wenmoh's Ranch in Cypress Mills, Texas.

Despite the cold (I could see my breath while watching Bob do a demonstration), the rain (you should have heard it pounding on the tin roof of the studio barn), the mud (the kind that you sink down in every step), the stopped up plumbing, the propane running out for a short period, and the water pump failing and not being able to take a shower Thursday night or Friday- I had a GREAT time. And, I learned so much. Too much to take in a five day period. I have so much more to learn. So much to practice.

I met some very interesting and fun people. My people!

I struggled with my signature. I do not plan to be known as Cheryl O'Pry forever and your signature is your logo so after much debate with my new friends and internal struggle, I will be signing all my art using my maiden name- Cheryl E. Wilson. Boring as it may be.

It's who I am.