About Me

My name Cheryl. I was born and raised in a small country town called Refugio. I was raised on Moya's, Henry's and Bobcat football. As a kid, I didn't have big dreams about leaving Refugio. In fact, I thought that's where I would be forever.

I began my college career at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas where I was going to learn to be a hot shot architect. Math and physics pretty much kicked my booty and I changed my major to Graphic Art. That did not last too long as on May 19, 1989 I was a passenger in a suburban verses train accident. I moved back home and finished my college career in Corpus Christi, Texas at Corpus Christi State University (now Texas A&M - Corpus Christi) where I graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Art.

No Fine Art degree. No teach degree.

Having no direction other than having a good time, I moved to Austin and found a temp job at Countrywide Funding processing home mortgage loans.

It's a long, boring road from there to where I am now living in Euless, Texas working as an Executive Assistant in Dallas and painting when I can. In that time I was married, moved to Park City, Utah, gave birth to two of the best boys I've ever met, got divorced, and found my way back to Texas.

My intention with this blog is to keep me motivated to keep creating.