Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guitars - The Conspiring Universe

24 x 36" Acrylic and Collage


Peggy said...

Wow! These are big pictures... paintings... red for LOVE? How many have you sold? You are not such a starving artist.... SOLD.... I get it the big picture... the universe! :0)

Cheryl Houston said...

Before I answer you- yes! I did miss you while you were on vacation!

I was commissioned to do a blue painting and a red painting. That's why the red. They were gifts for her young adult sons so she wanted some inspirational sayings in them.

So, I sold the two that I was commissioned to do and then I sold one other blue one at the graduation party that I delivered the blue one.

I won't be dining on caviar anytime soon from the sell of my paintings. :) But, it is fun to be able to put sold on the post.