Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guitars - Patriotic

Last week I showed you this painting. It's 24 x 24" on canvas. I like it but the vision I orginially had was a rectangular painting.

I started the painting below at home and got it to where it is now.

Acrylic on paper.


Peggy said...

Born in the USA....

I like the sharper lines to the guitar curve, but that's because I like outlines.

If I go back to the original I love how abstract it is the white brush strokes and the words for strings....

two different takes on the same thing... they both have great appeal.... Made in the USA

Sorry I rambled on... I just love your painting and am very intrigued... :0)

Cheryl Houston said...

Thanks Peggy. One thing I like about posting the images on the website is that I can see if I want to work on the piece more.

I think I might like the top piece to have more movement which means more abstract lines and looser throughout the whole painting. :)