Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thinking of a plan... 2012

31 days left of 2011 and I'm thinking about 2012. I have paintings at home that need to be finished and I'm thinking about what kind of project I want to take on in 2012. Because, honestly, I know there won't be much painting in the next month. But, I want to do something different for this blog next year.

I'm craving a new blog project that will challenge me creatively but not overwhelm me.

I want a new project that let's me post what's inspiring me, touching my heart, using different mediums but not too chaotic or unfocused.

I want there to be structure but not too much structure.

I want to be able to create some posts in advance but keep it fresh as well.

I'm over analyzing and complicating the plan.

I'm thinking about subjects like: hearts, guitars, trees, flowers, fish, portraits, and words.

I'm thinking about words like: jubilee, caramel, love, happy and roulette.

I'm thinking about mediums like: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and writing.

I'm thinking about schedules like: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

What if I pick a monthly word and a quarterly subject or a monthly subject and a quarterly word? Maybe I'll post by the hour on some weeks and weekly some months. Do you see my quandary? What's the plan? Do I just draw it or do I sculpt it, write about it, and sew it, too?

You know all of that will not happen because holding myself accountable will be excruciating.


It all comes down to discipline. And, what I want out of my days. Do I want to work out everyday at lunch? Can I discipline myself to paint everyday? (I know the answer to that one is no.) I'm lacking passion but I'm feeling passionate about wanting a new project.

2012: Project ?


Peggy said...

You are quite in the quandry! I think you've got some great basics down on paper write now, but you need to do more in your plan. I suggest you start a list of the blogs you visit and write down what attracts you to their blog. Maybe first the layout colors. 2nd the title, and 3rd the content. Yes, you are doing this for yourself, but what do you want your blog to say about you?

Cheryl Houston said...

Funny you say that... Just yesterday I went through my blog reader and unsubscribed to a bunch of blogs that I was tired of. It's not so much how I want the blog to look but about the project itself. I don't want to commit to a 365 Daily project because I know it's unrealistic for me but I want to have a little bit of structure. Thought of an idea last night but I need to sit with it for a while longer. Maybe do a trial run in December. I saw a book yesterday about a guy that created a skull a day. I could do a heart a day but eh- I'm not in love, love with the idea of that. I think my biggest thing is I want it to be manageable and fun.