Friday, October 28, 2011

Flying Hearts - I Know

Acrylic & Collage on paper.

It's wonderful to simply know that you are loved because you feel it in every fiber of your body.


Peggy said...

Oh my... good explanation... I almost thought for a moment, your I know's were meant a little harsher.... love the people and the sky!

Do you type the words on the computer and print them out?

Cheryl Houston said...

No, not harsh at all! When I say them or hear them in my head, they're almost like a heart beat, I know. I know. I know. Ba-bump. ba-bump. ba-bump. They're happy "I know's".

Yes. I type out tons of words on my computer all different sizes and then just throw them in my collage drawer on my painting table. And then while I'm painting if I want to add something I go through the drawer and pull out whatever speaks to me. That's just copy paper collaged on.