Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hearts - Moon Hearts

Much like yesterdays post here is a study I did with the heart being the moon.

I had them all looking exactly the same with the heart moon moved in the one but Bob wanted me to make them more different. I didn't change much in them as you can see but I'm not really that in love with them so they'll probably all change.

Below is the 6 x 6" version.

And now 8 x 8" version.

12 x 12" version.

And finally the 24 x 24" version

And now all together.


Peggy said...

what do you benefit out of a study like this? One thing I realize is that we often don't see what's actually in front of us....

Cheryl Houston said...

With the black and white- it's a study in light. With this one... the light isn't there. Taking the same concept and seeing how you can change one thing to make it slightly different. The benefit is practice without starting completely over every time and hopefully having something a little bit different but that fits in a series. I'll probably wind up painting over these. I'm just not loving them. Many are called. Few are chosen. :)