Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 things I know to be true right now.

1. I love watching kids and catching them in sweet funny moments like the boy on the airplane coming home. He was next in line to go to the bathroom. He was standing with his big brother. He started doing to the pee pee dance bouncing up and down. I quietly sent up a prayer that whoever was in there would hurry up.

2. Being in love is making me gain weight. Okay, maybe it isn't the actual being in love part but the eating with my love that is making me gain weight. And, less motivation to work out for some reason.

3. I love cute cocktail napkins. I love all their cute holiday designs or snarky quotes and so on. I love them. I must have them.

4. I can't wait to go to church on Sunday and listen to Pastor John. Yay God!

5. I need new siding on my house and I want a pergola as well... I'm worried about how much it will cost and finding a good contractor to actually do it. The pergola may have to wait until next year.

6. I have 3 paintings floating around my head, sketched on paper and waiting to be painted. I'm going shopping on Saturday instead of painting.

7. I have the cutest pedicure right now. My toenails are coated in white and the big toes have a red heart on them. I love pedicures.

8. I haven't seen my homeless man, Robert, in quite a while now. I'm praying he is okay and hoping it is a good thing that I don't see him.

9. I could eat a whole can of the salt and pepper cashews by Emerald. They are so tasty and addicting.

10. I'm looking forward to having a cocktail with my work friends tonight and then scooting home to hang out with the love of my life.

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Peggy said...

I've missed your lists. :0)

I miss a lot of things... but am happy to see what rings true with you!