Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 things I wish I was doing right now.

1) drinking coffee on a warm, sunny porch with a gentle breeze
2) holding hands with the man i love
3) listening to my boys laugh together
4) enjoying a warm morning bun from Starbucks
5) painting the landscape painting that is in my head
6) floating on a big float in the middle of my pool
7) sitting under a full harvest moon
8) enjoying a big pink fresh fluffy cloud of sweet cotton candy
9) browsing around my hometown county fair
10) holding hands with the man i love


Peggy said...

Ewww, so cute and mushy all in one!!!! It's like wash your hair, rinse and repeat. :0)

Cheryl Houston said...

i know! :-) it makes me happy. the happiest!