Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guitars - Purple 3


Peggy said...

I'm ready for my close up!!! Love, love the heart.... this could almost be a birthday cake with candles.... swirls make me swoon.... you have got something going on here Cheryl.... I look forward to what you create. A-mazing!

Cheryl Houston said...

You're such a great cheerleader, Peggy. I've got it on my schedule to paint this weekend as I need more flying hearts and more guitars. Everything else is back burner. No cleaning. No eating. No gardening. Not until I get some paintings finished!

Just kidding on the no eating thing. :) Happy day to you, friend!

Peggy said...

Give me a C
Give me a H
Give me a E
Give me a R
Give me a Y
Give me a L
what's it spell???
sis boom bah!