Saturday, March 19, 2011

Journal - No Splash Zone

While I was working on the Love is Crazy page, I realized how perfect it would be to take my lawn chair and my watercolor pencils on our Wimberley Family Reunion. The river ran low enough that my journal would sit out of the water. And, I could just use the river water as my water to paint.

I bought a tackle box to put my brushes, pencils and sharperner in. I found a waterproof bag for my journal and of course, I brought my floating cooler full of beer. It was perfect.

The dragon fly was drawn while still in Utah. I had been to a very nice open house in Glenwild Golf Community that had some very cool dragon fly painting in the home. They were pretty flat with just the ink so I just painted over them.

My niece, Mckenna, suggested a lady bug and my cousin, 5 year old Konner reminded me that it was a No Splash Zone near my chair.

Here's where you can make a splash though- join me at House of Shine and the Yellow Envelope Project.

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