Saturday, March 12, 2011

Journal - Love is Crazy

The writing on this page was reflecting on being a mom. I have two very sweet boys. And being a mom is both rewarding and challenging. The challenging part isn't talked about with non-moms. It's some big secret we keep from the non-moms lest they decide not to give birth from hearing our horror stories.

And indeed, love is crazy. I remember sitting in the cloud lamp blue night light holding Drew as a baby while tears streamed down my face and I was thinking that this heartbreaking feeling was indeed an overwhelming love that would break my heart on a daily basis. The boys were with their dad this morning and I was missing them.

I was missing a lot of other people as well. My friends in Utah, my family in south Texas, my girlfriends that I grew up with and I was missing Keith though I had just seen him the night before.

And, I'm pretty sure iPod was playing Roger Creager's song Love is Crazy that I featured on Monday.

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