Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Monday - John Mellencamp

I am a huge John Mellencamp fan and had a hard time just picking one of his songs to feature. Pink Houses, Jack & Diana, Hurts So Good, Dance Naked and Authority Song. They all remind me of my youth. I decided on Small Town because that's where I was born and raised. I did love growing up there. My friends from Refugio are like family to me. As a kid, I always thought I would stay there and raise a family in the deep traditions of the town. But, that was not the way it worked out. And while I love the diversity, variety and options that are offered here in the city, there are times when I miss that small town feeling. Where your neighbors stop by without calling and you know where everyone will be on Friday night.

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Peggy said...

John Cougar.... Seymour Indiana.... not too far away from where hubby grew up. We've been through there many times... I think we even went to a wedding back in the '80s.... Jeff's small town.... less than 1,000 in the city.... I grew up in a town of over 85,000 and where we live now is 38,000...I know I don't like the big city (Milw, Chicago, NYC)... farm life is too lonely and quiet... I'm a suburb girl....TMI :)