Friday, August 5, 2011

On The Horizon - Shine

This is a detail of what the painting looked like before I changed the sky to blue.
This just needs a few colorful splatter flowers and a coat of varnish.

You know what I love about painting? I never liked the yellow/orange sky so I painted over it. Change. That's what I love about painting. Because you can keep changing it until it's right.

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Peggy said...

Well, I love the painting both ways. I didn't want to disagree with the artist... but I first scrolled up I loved the orange and yellow.... quite daring and fun... then read your description and now I'm 'blue'.... but it's not finished..... thanks for taking us along on the ride.

Oh, and I appreciate when you give dimensions, gives me a way to visualize just how big your
(he)art is!