Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hearts - Monochrome Red Study

Acrylic on paper


Peggy said...

You crop quite well, I can't see anything but your study in color and then I read what size or what you painted on to.... amazingly different.... yet all the picture sizes on your blog are all the same. How will all the paintings turn out.... I want to know!

Cheryl Houston said...

Thanks. Part of that is that I learned to photograph my work from Bob Burridge. I photograph in full sunlight straight on. If I get a little wonky Photoshop helps put the image back square. In Photoshop, I edit the image so that the longest side is 600 dpi- that's the standard for web use. That's why they all look like they're the same size. Because, their digital images are the same size. Or close to it. Who knows how they'll all turn out? I don't even know! :)