Monday, June 6, 2011

Music Monday - Beer Man

Summer is starting so how about some drinking songs?

And, I am a Beer Girl! And who better to get us started than the beautiful, Trent Wilmon.

I have funny story about this song.... I got a new elipitical machine for my home and this song would always come up on my iPod when I was exercising. At the end of the song there's the crushing sound of a can. I would look around to see if something rolled under the machine but never saw anything until one day I was working at my office and that crushing can sound played. I looked around real fast to see what it was and low and behold if the light bulb in my brain did not come on! I must have laughed at myself for the next 20 minutes!

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Peggy said...

I think I like modern country music... the fluffy Taylor Swift kind... or cross over... Shania Twain... I am so happy there is so much music out there!