Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saturday Morning Painting

On May 21st, Drew asked if he could paint something. Being that he isn't that interested in the whole artsy craftsy thing (Give him sports anyday) I was pleased that he asked and how could I say no, right?

So, I broke out the cheap paper and asked them what color of paints they wanted and let them go. See where JB is painting below?

That is just a card table covered with constructer plastic. Heavy duty stuff. I've painted there all year long and the paint was starting to build up on the plastic.

To clear off a fresh space for him we peeled up the dried up paint and set it aside. I learned from Bob Burridge that it makes great collage material.

While JB was painting happy faces, Drew painted a guy watching the clouds go by.

I painted the middle cloud per his request.

Below was JB's first happy face that I made him mess up. Leave him alone, Mom! Let him do it! So, I took over on this one though I'm pretty sure I didn't paint the tongue.

JB's other smiley face looks like the one below except later he added another feature. I need to photograph it! I painted something as well but my image was blurry. Check back.

It was a fun morning.

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Peggy said...

How magical!!! Sometimes we don't know what we can do, until someone puts it right in front of us. What a terrific way to share time. Digital cameras, blogging... priceless ways to see your memories!