Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ray Wattson

Ray Wattson, BakeRAY, & Special DeliveRAY

I had some more images from the vault to show you but I forgot the memory card at home so I'll just have to save that.

On February 19, 2008, my friend Claudia started her blog Highlowaha. I met Claudia a month later on the weekend of Marcy 15th playing bunco with the neighborhood ladies. I asked Claudia what she did and don't remember exactly what she said but I know the words, "I write a blog." was in the description. My response was, "Funny, I read blogs."

And a friendship was born. I started participating in her blog on a daily basis, having a ton of fun and viewing the world in a new and different light. A more positive and fun light. A more proactive light. And a light that made me want to be creative again.

In July of that year the blog decided we needed a mascot and on July 21st we played Tug of War to decide on the name for the mascot.

Ray Wattson.

His birthday is in a month and we will be celebrating him in July at


Brian K. Root said...

Ray is awesome... And you know what that means? That means, you're awesome!

Cheryl Houston said...

;) Thanks Brian.