Thursday, June 2, 2011

What happened here? Something Good.

Something very good!

Do you remember this painting? It's one I'm working on for a high school graduate. I wasn't feeling anything powerful from it. So, I changed it.

First, I painted a white guitar over the other two. And then, I took the paint peelings from my plastic pallet and collaged them onto the white guitar.

Cool, huh? When you use heavy duty contractor plastic and just let the paint dry on there you create these layers of color. They peel right off the plastic when it gets thick enough.

Then I added the words of wisdom that I put on Cate's piece just scattered througout. The patron purchasing the guitar painting wanted Dream, Believe, Achieve on it so that was added.

Still has some work to go but finishing soon as I'm delivering on June 11th.

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Peggy said...

Cool... that's kind of what I meant in yesterdays response.... I'm not USED to being able to cover something up....but I guess with your paint you don't see the layers behind... or if you do, they just add texture.... wow, that's great commissioned work!!! Under pressure!!!!