Monday, January 30, 2012

10 things I know about babies:

1. Newborn babies are the best babies to hold because they don't care who holds them.

2. Babies are soft and sweet and are nice to snuggle.

3. Babies can be very, very loud and they don't care who hears or if it is time to be quiet.

4. Babies are a lot of hard work to take care of and they require your commitment.

5. Babies grow more in the first year than in any other time of their life.

6. Babies are partial to their parents when the reach a certain age- usually within the first year - which is why number one is true.

7. You can not spoil a baby.

8. Babies smell. Sometimes good. Sometimes not so good.

9. Babies don't care if you're tired.

10. Babies grow up very fast.


Peggy said...

Did you hold a baby over the weekend?

Cheryl Houston said...

No. But I would have it there was one around!

I think I had held Ava when I started that list.

sc00by77 said...

you should come visit in March and hold my newborn baby!!!!