Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 things I wonder about are:

1. I wonder what my boys are doing when I'm not around.

2. Why is it easier to criticize and find the negative than it is be complimentary and positive?

3. Why do people assume you want a white Christmas? I don't!

4. What does the face of God look like?

5. What will it feel like when I die?

6. I wonder who will remember me 100 years after my death?

7. How many souls are there?

8. Is Heaven crowded?

9. Why do we have to have cellulite and stretch marks?

10. What should I paint today?

1 comment:

Peggy said...

You've asked some tough questions there... sometimes it's good not to know the answer.... like what do they really make hot dogs from?

Have faith that the first 9 will show their true self when the time is right...Now, #10.... I could help you with that one!

Oooops, maybe they were all hypothetical questions.... then nevermind! :0)