Monday, January 9, 2012

10 things I know about snow:

1. Snow sparkles in the light like a million tiny diamonds.

2. Snow is wet which would be could if you were dying of thirst but bad if you just wanted to be dry.

3. Snow is cold. Freezing cold to be exact. At first, it might be refreshing but after a while it's out and out numbing.

4. Snow is ugly when it mixes with mud. It's grey and dirty. And not sparkly.

5. Snow falls down light and fluffy sometimes in tiny flakes and sometimes in big, fat flakes.

6. When flakes group together, a few things can happen. If you gather them together in blocks, you can build a fort. Then you can gather them together in balls and have a snowball fight. And sometimes they crush together on their own and they're like a mean gang set on destroying everything they can weigh down.

7. Snow melts and creates ice. Ice is slippery to walk on. And, especially if you live in Texas, to drive on.

8. A lot of people like to ski on snow cutting through the air speeding down the side of a steep mountain creating that whooshing sound as they go. I am not one of those people.

9. Snow makes me want to crawl in bed with a big fuzzy blanket, a warm man, a hot cup of tea (or is it a hot man and a warm of cup of tea?), watch movies and snuggle all day.

10. Snow cones on a clear, sunny day are a beautiful thing.

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Peggy said...

Very cute... I like your theme of 10 things...we have no snow as of today in the mid-west... THAT is quite un-usual....I love a new falling light snow... as it balances on the tree branches against a bright blue sky. The sun gleams off the ice is a true natures' wonder!