Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 - Year of Poetry

I'm a long time member and contributor to House of Shine. One of the rituals we have is naming our year. It started in 2009. In 2009, it was the Year of Art for me. I promptly jumped into my company fitness competition and art was pushed aside. The one thing I did do for art in 2009 was sign up to attend a workshop in February, 2010.

So, when 2010 rolled around- it was the Year of Art, Take 2. I attended the Robert Burridge Workshop and that helped educate and inspire painting in 2010.

And, this little blog of mine.

2011- Year of Love. What a great year! Amazing! Seriously. Wow.

After such a great year, it was hard to think of what else I could even want in my life. I pondered several things and finally settled on the Year of Poetry being inspired by Sarah Kay's Ted Speech and I have heard that poetry is the language of love so it just seems natural. Hopefully, it will inspire some painting as well.

What does the Year of Poetry mean? It means I will read poetry, write poetry, think poetry, speak poetry, hear poetry! I will even taste poetry somehow! I'm going to study the classic poets like Whitman, Frost, Cummings and Poe. I'm going to look to women poets like Plath, Angelou, and Dickinson. And, I'm going to revisit one of my favorite, fun writers, Shel Silverstein.

I'm going to revisit styles of poetry- the haiku, free verse, prose and more. I cannot say how many poems I will write or even if the ones I do write will be any good. I don't have a goal or a plan other than believing that something good will come from my Year of Poetry.

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