Saturday, January 29, 2011

Journal - Just Because You're Alone

I work at a very lovely office building in uptown Dallas. The front of our building has an ellipse with benches and a garden. This is a sketch I did at lunch time on March 18, 2009 using pencil and Letraset graphic pens.

It says: You don't have to feel lonely just because you're alone.

While I love to be with my friends, I cherish the time when I can be alone.

This weeks Yellow Envelope Project nominee won't be alone if you peek in at House of Shine and commit to sending them a quick note. 10 minutes and 44 cents- go ahead! You'll shine!


Peggy said...

I love your work, and I love the way you have feelings about your work that you can express.

It's fun going along this journey with you into YOUR art world, since you have been a part of my art world.

It's so nice to share!

Cheryl Houston said...

Thanks Peggy! :)