Saturday, January 15, 2011

Journal - Love is All You Need but Buckle Up!

Above is the full spread of pages 4 and 5.

How do you feel about love? Is it really all you need? Does love really make the world go round? Does love really conquer all? Do you still believe in love?

The writing on page 5 is from my actual 30 birthday- August 12, 1999. You can see I really wanted to cover some of the words up. In 1999, I was reflecting on my 30th birthday and a lot about my friendship with the Linney's. You can see the sections that I felt did not need to be remembered as they are covered up as much as possible.

And so, just like that, one day you're a kid spending time with your friends, then you're married, and the next you have two kids of your own and then you're divorced still trying decide what you're going to be when you grow up.

My life is possibly half over- give or take some years. Do I still believe in love? Yeah. I do. But I'm going to wear my seat belt just in case.

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Peggy said...

We're not all that different. Okay, just change one word in the paragraph that starts... And, so...

you're married still.... trying to decide what you're going to be when you grow up.

Cheryl Houston said...

Do you think it's a universal feeling for most creative people?