Friday, January 28, 2011

On the Fence - See the Beauty

For Jessie


Peggy said...

Awesome. I like the shading on the fence. You have a lot of sun sh!ne in your life. Lucky duck!!!

These are so great....

You go to Kelly Rae Roberts blog don't you??

My friend Kim in Janesville does similar work to yours....

I got blogs coming outta my ears (Kim might have more in her favs of people who paint and do collage work)

Cheryl Houston said...

Looking back on it, I wish it had more collage layers.

Just subscribed to Kelly Rae's blog. OMG- her kitchen is amazing! Her artwork is great too but damn! That kitchen! I want it!

I am subscribed to Kim's blog. I love her work.

I hear you on the blogs coming out of ones ears! Somedays I can't keep up. :)