Saturday, January 1, 2011

Journal - I was 30 and Now I'm 40 - One

I purchased this journal for my 30th birthday present to myself. I believe in giving myself a birthday present every year. Sometimes more than one, depending on the cost. I was hesitant to draw in my new journal. I had used journals for writing not drawing or painting. I was in a phase of using Letraset graphic pens and while they soaked nicely into the page they didn't blend very well and they left lines I didn't want.

It such a beautiful journal. I just love it.

On August 10, 1999 I reflected on my past, present and my hopes for the future. And though I did doodle and write in the journal, it mostly sat empty for the next 10 years. Actually 11 but who's really counting.

Bob introduced the workshop to Derwent Inktense pencils. Pencils that you draw with and then take a brush and add water to them to push around more like paint. I purchased a set after the workshop to try out. I actually had another brand of these same type of pencils that were a gift from my mom. They sat unopened for a long time. So now I have two sets of watercolor pencils and summer was upon us.
This past summer I would wake up, throw my bathing suit on, make some coffee and set up my lawn chair by the pool with my journal and my watercolor pencils and I painted. I had found a new love. I could enjoy the day by the pool, listening to my iPod and paint.

So, here I was with these pages documenting my life. A life that had changed. The words, "Stupid girl" were said more than once while shaking my head and rolling my eyes. Why did I feel the need to document some of those feelings? They were my feelings so I guess they are valid but so much has changed. So, I started covering the words up with my watercolor pencils. Some pages are better than others as are the days of our lives (ha, ha - soap opera) but I have really enjoyed rediscovering this journal. It's like a brand new gift all over again.

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