Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bad Hair Day

This is a sneak peak of a so-so painting. I have to accept that the lighting in my house is not acceptable for photographing artwork and if I'm not prepared then I have to also be prepared for the sun not cooperating with me either. We were overcast, gray, and drizzly when we got home last night.

The colors in the photo above are not the colors in the painting.

I'm sick today because this morning I realized that I deleted an important personal file off my work computer. sigh.

And, I'm having a bad hair day.


Peggy said...

I love this.... I want to take this painting and Zindorf it.... if you recall my brayer cards... I could see the fence & barbed wire, with a bare tree... but spring flowers coming out of the rocks... if you want to see this version LMK... k???? sorry you are worried sick and your hair folacles(?) are not cooperating!! My job is so boring and I feel useless... should we trade??? nah!

Cheryl Houston said...

Go for it. :)

The humidity is to blame for my hair follicles not having a good day.

I emailed the I.T. department to see if it could be recovered... but I haven't heard back yet. It won't be the end of the world but it just kind of stinks.

Nah- I don't want to trade either.

Peggy said...

STINKS not SH!nes.... darn! :0)

Cheryl Houston said...

I'm so happy! Brad in IT was able to restore my deleted file!!!!

Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! It doesn't matter what my hair looks like now. :)