Saturday, April 30, 2011

Journal - If Love Won't Fly

This flying heart was painted back home in Euless. Life must have been busy because I skipped a whole month. I was trying to be conscious of the lighting but I don't think I was very successful at it. The words are part of the lyrics from Nanci Griffith's Outbound Plane that played while I was painting this heart.

There was a man in my past that we agreed that if either of us didn't want the relationship to continue we would just say, "I'm going to fly south" and that would be the end of it with no drama. I wish I could say it had been that easy but the drama and hurt feelings that occur in breakups was present.

I picture this heart flying south because the relationship just became too complicated and too hard and I had to fly on that outbound plane.

My love for House of Shine and the Yellow Envelope Project won't fly south because it's way too easy to shine! It only takes 10 minutes and 44 cents. Anyone can do it.

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