Saturday, April 16, 2011

Journal - Tarzan at the Rope Swing

The squares in the middle and cross section were there in ink when I got to this page. On the 24th, we positioned our chairs further to the other side of the river putting us in the perfect position to see the kids at the rope swing further down the river.

I allowed my boys to go down to the rope swing without an older kid or adult. The first two down were Drew and cousin Abby. It was really cute to see how the two of them figured out how to get the rope over to the bank. They are both small pixie kids. Drew jumped out and got the rope swinging. It took two or three tries before he got it to swing to Abby, waiting on the edge. Something so small made me so proud. He will be so independent one day and he will be just like me and never come home to see his mom.

My nephew, Wilson (15), was in red trunks so that stick figure must be him. A couple weeks after this trip, he wound up having a serious accident on another rope swing in Concan breaking his hand and severley cutting the skin open. He was life flighted to a hospital in San Antonio. At the time I wrote this post he was recovering well. I sent him a Get Well Package where I nicknamed him Tarzan.

Okay- just like every week- swing in to House of Shine and the Yellow Envelope Project! Go!

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