Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Blue Guitar 1 Continued

Click here to see where I left off with this painting:

At 8:20 am on Sunday, May 15th, I added some white splatter and I covered the black lines that I felt were too dominant in the painting.

By 9:01 am I had added a collage element that Paige and I discussed.

And unfortunately at the same time, I was at a stand still on the painting because I ran out of collaged pieces to add and I really feel like it needs to go one more line.

Guitars have 6 strings. This one will only have 5.

Hey! It's abstract art! :)


Peggy said...

What are your collage pieces???

The splatter paint gives it a starry night time feel. Is it done? Or should we expect more???

Cheryl Houston said...

The word are just printed on copy paper. The green portion has tissue paper underneath it.

It is not done. I want to finish that last string and I don't want the paper to be white so I'll be adding so paint over those areas but it's getting close.