Friday, May 6, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Blue Guitar Option Two

On Sunday, I had some blue paint I needed to get out of the way so I started a second painting.

11:03 am


Adding Collage

Detail of part of collage - These are the words that I used for the painting I did for Cate Perkins.

One of the words tore in half so I need to fill in a hole. Hopefully, I will paint this weekend and have these two paintings wrapped up by Sunday evening.


Peggy said...

So, do you have ear plugs in, or is your ipod connected to speakers? Are you wearing a smock.. or in your daisy dukes??? I love this blue... not robin egg... sky blue? I think it is cool you have a theme... and now you have a plan and place for these art pieces... and you are making more than $2.50 a piece!!!

Thanks for sharing.... have fun sunning yourself at flag football!!!

Cheryl Houston said...

Mostly my iPod is connected to speakers.

I just wear some old shorts or my old jeans and a tank top. That's why I hate to paint when it's cold.

Uh... it's blue... it's either Katsura blue or Composition Blue #2 or maybe #1... not sure...mixed with white and probably some marigold or yellow.

Football was fun!