Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh! Hello Thursday Post.

It is an absolutely beautiful day here in the DFW area. I stopped to fill up the gas tank this morning and I seriously thought about calling my boss and saying, "Man, I suddenly don't fell very well. I better go home." But I came to work instead.

I got my daily dose of House of Shine which today is talking about the evidence of our greatest talents and contributions being traced back to elementary school. I painted sea shells while visiting my grandparents on vacation. But we can discuss all of that at House of Shine.

Then I realized I had no post for the blog today. Not that I haven't been painting because I have. Last Saturday, my boys asked if they could paint something I broke out some paper and the paints for them. I even took pictures. But I haven't downloaded them or edited them. I have a new green guitar painting finished but photos are sitting at home.

Above are four paintings I've been working on. They all look pretty much the image above except the lower right one. You wouldn't recognize it because on Saturday after I painted with the boys I changed it almost completely. And, I can't wait for you to see it. It's my favorite.