Friday, May 13, 2011

House of Shine - Yellow Envelope Project

I participate in a fun and wonderful blog called House of Shine. And, if you tune in on my Saturday Journal posts you see that I'm always trying to get you to come over to House of Shine and participate in the Yellow Envelope Project. (Now on Monday's!)

One of my main contribution to the House of Shine is providing artwork of the Ray Wattson and a new baby has been born - the Yellow Envelope Project series. When paintings fall short, I'll share some of these drawings. They are, after all, an extension of my creativity.

When preparing for this weeks posts I noticed a common element. Circles. Compare the drawing below with drawing above.

I'm pretty sure we can expect circles to start showing up in paintings....


Anonymous said...

I read the HouseofSHINE blog daily, and now I will start checking into yours. It was really inspiring to see you pusing yourself to create. So often I allow time to pass me by and you have developed something that encourages you to create. I think I may begin blocking off a 2 hour time to do some painting. I love to create and do art. Thanks for sharing and you have created some AWESOME pieces. I love the uniquness of each guitar piece.

Cheryl Houston said...

Thanks so much! Everyone needs practice in whatever talent they pursue- creating is no different!! :) I hope you'll share some of your work with me when you're ready.