Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flying Hearts - Big Love

Updated March 2, 2011. You can't see as much of the gold. It's not so dark as the original photo suggests.

I know I don't have to apologize for this being a horrible digital photo of a so-so-maybe-not-finished piece but what's a working girl/single mom going to do? I didn't get it done but don't feel right about not making a post. I made a commitment after all.

I'll replace the image when I'm able to get a better one out in the sun.

Maybe I'll leave and update any progressions.

12 x 12 acrylic
Painted at Bob Burridge Workshop in 2010.

1 comment:

Peggy said...

Work in progress... no excuses needed. This is very somber painting with the eggplant colors....I could see more in the way of collage 'stuff'... in time.

Thank you for sharing and honoring your commitment!!! Is that commitment in writing somewhere I can read it??? hee hee