Saturday, February 5, 2011

Journal - ce

Bleh! Still reflecting on my life on this page, talking about how I could entertain myself for hours as a child. I had big dreams but was always too afraid to pursue any of them. At the end I'm trying to convince myself to believe in, well- myself.

I wonder how that's working out?

It's never too late to be who you might have been and one day I will be a painter.

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Peggy said...

CE- Cheryl Eileen??? or create everywhere?

Thanks for playing along with me on your comments page!! Your post is interesting... my dad just recently talked about entertaining himself as a child...(he built model airplanes and played army man hee hee) did you know I wanted to try out to be Miss Racine and I wanted to go to NYC when I was 18.... but my dad couldn't believe that I 'was his daughter' why would I want to do those things.... embrace your true nature!!!

Cheryl Houston said...

Elaine. I think a lot of parents have that same thought- who is this child? Surely they cannot be mine? I would never want to do that! :) after reading my post today ( I wrote sometime last fall) I can adjust that sentence and say I am a painter.