Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photo: Was It A Sign?

I was floating in my pool enjoying a Poolside Palmer listening to my iPod last July. And as I watched the clouds this heart peeked through. I thought it was a sign.


Peggy said...

Oh my gosh... and you thought quick enough to grab something and capture the moment! Wowzer! Now you need to start finding other 'hearts' in things.... rocks, rose petals(did you check out my latest card video? the petals fall into hearts) potato chips, the heart hands like Misty's avatar, noodles in the soup!!! 365 days of looking for my heart in the stranges places!!!!

Cheryl Houston said...

Good idea, Peggy! Just went back and watched the video. It's great! And, how did I miss your 365 photo blog. I'm subscribed now! :)