Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flying Hearts - Sweet Family

12 x 12 acrylic
Not sure if this one is finished. Don't be surprised if you see it again in the future. The figures at the bottem are based on me and my boys. Aw. These balloon hearts were painted at the Robert Burridge workshop.


Peggy said...

Ok, I get this one, and see the family ties.... feels like a patchwork of sorts, love the swells of graduated blue around the right side..... I could see something more.... additional collage work??.. maybe fun things you've documented that the boys have said??'s like the thought bubble of a cartoon character... I'm just sayin! :0)

Cheryl Houston said...

Ah. Sometimes your comments make me like my own work more. I never thought of it as patchwork. The whole underpainting was that orange and yellow patchwork. Then Bob talked about the hearts and I painted over it. I like the blues on that one side, too. Fun things the boys say would be a great addition but lately it's been all "Poop" and I'm so sorry to share this but I'm going to "balls". Ew! TMI! Look for a new post on the Family blog regarding my Valentine's Day Card. It's my favorite by far. Just need to get the camera out.