Friday, April 29, 2011

Where It All Happens

This is where I paint. See that table? That's a square, fold down card table. Fine for small paintings but the Two Blue Guitars piece takes up so much room it runs into the paint.

I need a new table and I'm in search of something long and narrow that will allow some storage underneath. I'm thinking of going and purchases some small shelves and just propping a board on top. Tacky?

Okay- maybe I'll find something a bit nicer.

When it's daytime- those windows lookout on my pool.

See the corner space in the photo below? I want to add picture ledges there so I can prop up dry work that still needs work so it's not laying on the floor or stashed away and forgotten about.

I also want new curtains and new furniture for the room. Want, want, want! :)

This is where I plan to spend a lot time this weekend. Well, there and in my garage because you see the brown box in the corner? 5 canvases that need to be painted for a commission piece.

Time to get busy on that!


Peggy said...

Wow! Congratulations on the commission. Very excellent!

Thanks for sharing the room. You have another family room where you guys 'live' right? Personally, I'd forgo the furniture and put the money in a desk or table.... you can go the traditional route.... the big box stores have all kinds of white plastic tables that you can fold up and take down...

but if you were more adventurous .... what about an antique/flea market.... an ornate old door(for the table top) on two end tables.... saw horses... old file cabinets... don't you visit Funky Junk Interiors blog?? Palattes.... an old desk or armour.

Right now do you really need to make it a living room... or can you let go and make it your happy place? I'd put up canvas or drop cloths for the window treatments.

Can't wait to see more of your creations.... don't get hung up on the room.... I just think it's so cool you are really, finally painting!!!!!!

Peggy said...

Love Conquers All

Cheryl Houston said...

:) It's all you need.