Friday, May 20, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Red Guitar One

At 10:00 AM, a red wash was applied.

Then there was a quick consult with the Bob Burridge composition chart and with my Derwent pencil, I sketched in a guitar. This is where I was standing at 10:07 AM.

Closer up so you can see I'm not lieing.

By 10:23 AM, I had added a lot of black. Don't worry, it's not staying.

Layers of paint.

This is where this painting ended at 10:32 am. It has a ways to go still but it's started.


Peggy said...

Yup! You have to start somewhere. This is a very interesting process... I don't think I ever took an oil or acrylic painting class... I etched drawings in stone or metal... or did pencil.... I always thought you go from light to dark and am intrigued to see what happens to the black.... still have a hard time with correct shading. Next....

Cheryl Houston said...

Art teachers around the world are probably cringing at my process! HA! I don't know why but when painting I usually always put down a dark area somewhere. I want this painting to be mostly red so the plan is to cover it with red type glazing where you can see the dark underneath. But plans have been known not to happen at all. It's a mystery- even to me.

I'm awful at shading too! But I'm trying to be conscious of it.